All of us have our share of ugly secrets and horrible memories. If you are human, it is impossible to not have any. Sometimes we wish we could run away from ours. But there is something or the other that always pulls us back to misery, no matter how hard we try. There is always one who tries to keep us sane by bringing in joy. But when there are so many others who try to negate those, it becomes a tough balancing act, especially when the negating factors are those who are closest to our heart.

It is convenient for everyone to forget everything. But for the ones who were affected, it is never an option. We still have nightmares in which we are helpless. We still go to the edge of depression thinking of the worst case scenario. And we still manage to pull ourselves back to sanity. But when all these become a joke to the ones who we most care about, we wonder why we ever chased sanity. We try desperately to make them understand how we feel. But what is the use of crying out when defence is used as an offence by them?

Now the only option left is to hope that the only one who understands the gravity of what we feel would always be there – no matter who has left. It does become a balancing act between one to many.