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Yes, I’m proud of myself

Many years ago, when I left my job with a major software company where I was working as a Corporate Business Skills Trainer, it was for purely personal reasons. Hari was flying to the US for a deputation and honestly,… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #41

While playing doctor-patient with my girls, I could go to them with any sickness – cold, headache, broken bones, ulcer in the mouth – and their standard treatment would invariably include cutting open my tummy, getting a baby out and… Continue Reading →

A “Wronged” Teen’s Tears

It is no secret that I hated my 10+2 life in a school that I went to only for those two years. Having finished my 10th grade from a school which had very simple teachers – most of whom I… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #40

Recently, I bought the Menstrupedia Comic that explains the whole range of what, why, when and how of menstruation and growing up. Although just 7 and 3, Vedu and Taaru wanted to read it right away; so we did. In… Continue Reading →

A hapless mother’s death – Who’s responsible?

Hardly a few weeks back, I happened to watch a viral video of a 7 or 8-month-old baby who was being rescued after she fell off the balcony of her 4th floor flat in Chennai. It took 15 minutes of… Continue Reading →

No Means No

I have been at my parents’ home for a few weeks now for the kids’ school vacation. And in these two weeks, the most I have struggled with is something seemingly simple – getting my mother to take “No” as… Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam and the not-so-different Indians

Two days back, like most other sensible Indians, I did a facepalm when I listened to Sam Pitroda aka Uncle Sam’s mindboggling (read mind-numbing) monologue on India’s beautiful unity in diversity. The look on his face can only be termed… Continue Reading →

Victim (n) – One who is denied basic dignity

“Soundaryam Sarikku vinayayi,” – “Sari’s beauty became her curse.” This headline, along with the picture of a girl, hardly 17 years old, in one of the major Malayalam newspapers is still fresh in my memory. Equally fresh is the loud… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #39

My girls could apply to the Malayala Manorama media house today and land a job as a reporter right away. The precision, accuracy and exact route map with which they explain the how, when, where and what of something is… Continue Reading →

Casting Couch and the Privilege Called Choice

If I apply for a job somewhere, and I’m told that I have the choice to either sleep with the hiring manager and get the job, or walk away and not get the job, how do you think I would… Continue Reading →

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