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A hapless mother’s death – Who’s responsible?

Hardly a few weeks back, I happened to watch a viral video of a 7 or 8-month-old baby who was being rescued after she fell off the balcony of her 4th floor flat in Chennai. It took 15 minutes of… Continue Reading →

No Means No

I have been at my parents’ home for a few weeks now for the kids’ school vacation. And in these two weeks, the most I have struggled with is something seemingly simple – getting my mother to take “No” as… Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam and the not-so-different Indians

Two days back, like most other sensible Indians, I did a facepalm when I listened to Sam Pitroda aka Uncle Sam’s mindboggling (read mind-numbing) monologue on India’s beautiful unity in diversity. The look on his face can only be termed… Continue Reading →

Casting Couch and the Privilege Called Choice

If I apply for a job somewhere, and I’m told that I have the choice to either sleep with the hiring manager and get the job, or walk away and not get the job, how do you think I would… Continue Reading →

Honesty – The Best Policy

A while back, I read a post about a bride who dumped her groom at the mandap itself right after tying the knot. The reason was that she came to know only then about a very serious condition he had… Continue Reading →

Stop shaming suicide victims

There has been news of so many dowry-related deaths in the last few years that yet another case on yet another day shouldn’t shock me anymore, but it does. Almost all of the deaths owing to dowry harassment have been… Continue Reading →

Good news – Never the end

I have a habit of finishing a movie and then, spending the next few days imagining the life of the characters post the end of the movie’s storyline – their conversations, the events in their life, their day-to-day life in… Continue Reading →

Take A Bow, Dear Mammootty!

I am not one to write about movies, mostly because I watch every new movie months after its release and by then, my post has no relevance. I have written about movies only when there has been something about the… Continue Reading →

Consequence-free Slut-shaming Ki Jai

Ever since this season’s Koffee with Karan episode featuring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh aired, my social media feed has been crowded with trolls, memes and even very serious posts slut-shaming her. While it irked me big time, as does… Continue Reading →

Postmortem Woes

I have always been scared of death, I won’t lie. But now it has become scarier. If earlier, the fear was of leaving behind my little world ever since I found my family, and all the things that I’ve wanted… Continue Reading →

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