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Feelings, observations and experiences of a mommy – mostly nerve-wracking, mind-blowing and extremely rewarding at the same time! :)

Yes, I’m proud of myself

Many years ago, when I left my job with a major software company where I was working as a Corporate Business Skills Trainer, it was for purely personal reasons. Hari was flying to the US for a deputation and honestly,… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #41

While playing doctor-patient with my girls, I could go to them with any sickness – cold, headache, broken bones, ulcer in the mouth – and their standard treatment would invariably include cutting open my tummy, getting a baby out and… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #40

Recently, I bought the Menstrupedia Comic that explains the whole range of what, why, when and how of menstruation and growing up. Although just 7 and 3, Vedu and Taaru wanted to read it right away; so we did. In… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #39

My girls could apply to the Malayala Manorama media house today and land a job as a reporter right away. The precision, accuracy and exact route map with which they explain the how, when, where and what of something is… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #38

Talking to my kids is like attending a 24/7 viva about story books and animated movies. The worst part? I don’t even have the option of saying “I don’t know” or choosing to fail. My “examiners” have a “Never say… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #37

I walked in to the living room to see Vedu giving Taaru a lecture on the importance of oral hygiene. “You should not eat too much chocolate. You should always clean your teeth after eating and brush properly twice a… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #36

Taaru’s birthday is coming up and I ordered some books. Since she was around, I asked Hari, “Should we get a T-O-Y?” spelling it out, so that she doesn’t understand. Well, she didn’t understand anything. But she still replied immediately,… Continue Reading →

To Censor Or Not?

A few weeks back, I saw a sudden outrage about the latest editions of Roald Dahl classics being censored to remove several objectionable words. It took me some time to read up on what exactly the issue was. And when… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #35

I removed my bracelet and put it in a tray for security check at the airport. Taaru (at the top of her lungs, in front of all the CRPF personnel, airport staff and other passengers): Amme, why did you take… Continue Reading →

Oh baby!

Back when Vedu was just a couple of months old, one of my trainees jokingly wrote on Facebook about how he seemed to be cursed in regularly finding himself on flights with babies. I replied, “I used to believe in… Continue Reading →

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