Sadism is something real bad, we all know. How do we define sadism? We normally attribute a lot of pain – physical or mental – when we talk about it. Generally, those who physically abuse their loved ones or make comments that deeply hurt others’ feelings are the commonly accepted sadists. I was thinking about a much milder, yet really irritating version of sadism.

I have seen a lot of people who run for the first day-first show of suspense thrillers, just so that they can come back and tell everyone what the suspense is. Not only is this extremely childish, but also highly irritating. I have never understood the “high” they get by disclosing the suspense of movies to those who might have been looking forward to watching the movie. They try to mask this in the category of being funny, when in reality it has got no funny angle to it. It is nothing other than a sadistic pleasure in ruining someone else’ fun. And lately I feel the world is so full of such people with the increasing number of texts, mails etc. that I receive with suspense of movies on the second day of release. More frustrating yet is the fact that you cannot say anything to such people, when they happen to be your colleagues. In the attempt to keep professional relations in tact, we are left with no option but ignore such mean ideas of fun. Damn!!