I went to Pizza Hut in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad today with my husband. What I experienced there was a shame for the brand that is Pizza Hut.

Almost immediately after we took our seats, a lady came in with her husband. She was wearing a rather ugly and revealing frock. In fact, it would be an understatement if I say that the frock was a little revealing. No sooner had the lady taken her seat, I saw a smirk on the face of the person who led them to their seat, before he ran to his colleague who was busy cleaning a table. He went and said something in his ear with a pathetic grin on his face. What was told was quite obvious by the way the other turned around immediately to stare at the lady from head to heel. I thought the joke would end there and they would move on with their life. But it didn’t. In fact, it got worse when the second guy started taking rounds around her table just to have a glimpse of whatever he could manage to see. By this time, the first guy had apparently passed on the “juicy bit of news” to every other colleague he could find on and off the floor. In less than a minute I could see every Tom, Dick and Harry even from the kitchen rush to the front desk. And there they were, all staring with their tongues out, and literally gulping down whatever f******* fantasies were going on in their minds. It grew worse by the minute, when they shamelessly started behaving like a bunch of perverts, passing snide comments amongst themselves and bending in whatever angle they could to see how much ever possible.
When it all started with the first two guys, I just thought “Guys are guys”. But the worse it got, I could not stand it. Soon the lady and her husband were gone. But I could not tolerate the behavior that they exhibited. Whatever the lady was wearing was her wish. I would understand that most of the guys, unless they are in the ideal world, would have a silent laugh amongst themselves in a scenario like this – not that it is right. But here it was a blatant display of perversion by a bunch of guys who are supposedly trained to be their best in Customer Service, in one of the best Customer Service centers in the world. Whatever she was wearing, she was still a customer who was paying them. And it was their duty to respect that. By not doing that, they brought shame to the reputation and good will held by the brand.
Probably I should have said something about it. But I did not want to start a row there, when the lady seemed to be unaware and at ease about the entire situation. I admit that maybe it was not right on my part. But I could not get out of there without reacting in any way. So I decided to do the best I could do in three ways.
1) Asking for a feedback sheet and writing the following in it – “Having a silent joke about a girl wearing whatever she wanted to wear I can understand – coz guys are guys. But having every Tom, Dick and Harry from the kitchen come and stare at her and pass comments was pathetic and everyone around was noticing it. By being the bunch of pathetic assholes that you are, you bring shame to the brand of Pizza Hut. Grow up and get a life jerks!!!”. I made sure that I told our server to share the feedback with everyone at the front desk.
2) Sending an official complaint to the Customer Relations department of Pizza Hut.
3) And the best way I know how to react – by posting a blog, hoping more people will see this and come to know about what happens behind the scene (or in this case, right in front of your eyes). On your face they say “Enjoy your meal maam”. Behind your back they say, “Let me enjoy the maal!”.