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My friends say I am a very hyperactive, noisy person; although my blogs might not reflect that. I blog mainly about confused feelings I get from insane reveries I have. I have to be super-depressed, super-excited or super-pissed off to write, thereby making my writing pretty much emotional (or so people tell me). There have been people who have loved me for what I write, there have also been people who have despised me for it. Whichever way, I continue to write because I believe in doing what I like, no matter what others say.

Mommy Ramblings – #39

My girls could apply to the Malayala Manorama media house today and land a job as a reporter right away. The precision, accuracy and exact route map with which they explain the how, when, where and what of something is… Continue Reading →

Casting Couch and the Privilege Called Choice

If I apply for a job somewhere, and I’m told that I have the choice to either sleep with the hiring manager and get the job, or walk away and not get the job, how do you think I would… Continue Reading →

FB – 22-Mar-2024

If yesterday, Sathyabhama Jr. (just learnt that there was another Kalamandalam Sathyabhama whose name it could be a disgrace to if we address this lady by the same moniker) was a villain who insulted people based on their complexion and… Continue Reading →

FB – 21-Mar-2024

Like most other Malayalis today, I was watching Kalamandalam Sathyabhama’s unapologetic, fierce and for lack of better terms, shameless, fight with the journalists, defending and emphatically reiterating her crass thoughts on regressive beauty standards and who she believes to be… Continue Reading →

FB – 14-Mar-2024

Being ‘childlike’ is a quality to be proud of. Being ‘childish’ is not. Sadly, there are quite a lot of people who need to understand this difference. You can still be young at heart, laugh and make others laugh, without… Continue Reading →

Honesty – The Best Policy

A while back, I read a post about a bride who dumped her groom at the mandap itself right after tying the knot. The reason was that she came to know only then about a very serious condition he had… Continue Reading →

Why Kaanekkaane needs a horror sequel

Yet another blog about a movie that pissed me off – that would be an apt description for this blog. The movie in focus today is the Suraj Venjarammoodu-Tovino Thomas-Aishwarya Lekshmi starrer Kaanekkaane. It had pretty decent reviews, both from… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #38

Talking to my kids is like attending a 24/7 viva about story books and animated movies. The worst part? I don’t even have the option of saying “I don’t know” or choosing to fail. My “examiners” have a “Never say… Continue Reading →

Mommy Ramblings – #37

I walked in to the living room to see Vedu giving Taaru a lecture on the importance of oral hygiene. “You should not eat too much chocolate. You should always clean your teeth after eating and brush properly twice a… Continue Reading →

Stop shaming suicide victims

There has been news of so many dowry-related deaths in the last few years that yet another case on yet another day shouldn’t shock me anymore, but it does. Almost all of the deaths owing to dowry harassment have been… Continue Reading →

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