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The Balancing Act Called Life

All of us have our share of ugly secrets and horrible memories. If you are human, it is impossible to not have any. Sometimes we wish we could run away from ours. But there is something or the other that… Continue Reading →

To be or not to be..

I have always been a person who makes my own decisions. When there was a war at home about what stream I should choose after my 12th standard, when there was a confusion on which college to go to for… Continue Reading →

Truth of life – Part I

Life’s quite funny.. You can’t have what you feel you want.. And what you can have, doesn’t really feel like what you want.. It’s damn confusing!! :-/

Recent piece of enlightenment

At times you hate a person not because you really do hate that person; at times it is a desperate effort not to fall in love with that person.

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