After the successful run of their masterpiece “Boycott of Surf Excel and MS Excel – Because Why Not?”, Stupid Morons Film Co. presents the release of their latest saga, “Boycott of Tanishq – Certainly Not Because We Can’t Afford It”. Bravo for making sure that we don’t get to see something good at least in an ad, if not in real life! 👏👏👏 I’m thankful that for every such instance of pure, unadultered stupidity, there is a rival gang who ensures we don’t suffer a break in entertainment by providing “intellectual” stupidity. What more could I ask for?? 😜

P.S. It is also “Wow” to see that the very same people who used to hail Mr.Ratan Tata as the “Anmol Ratan” of our country for all that he does, have no shame in calling him “Spineless” because the ad was withdrawn. Let a lifetime of good be forgotten for one brand and one withdrawn ad. Niceeee!!! 🙄