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FB – 14-Jul-2024

It would be an understatement if I say that I hate Kangana Ranaut. In fact, there are very few people, let alone public figures, for whom I have had such strong negative feelings. However, when I heard about the incident… Continue Reading →

FB – 14-Mar-2024

Being ‘childlike’ is a quality to be proud of. Being ‘childish’ is not. Sadly, there are quite a lot of people who need to understand this difference. You can still be young at heart, laugh and make others laugh, without… Continue Reading →

FB – 7 Nov-2023

Thinking about the time when I went to a restaurant in Trivandrum and ordered a chicken fried rice without egg. The waiter came back with a vegetarian fried rice and seeing my baffled look, explained very confidently, ‘You ordered a… Continue Reading →

FB – 7-Aug-2023

Steps to prove that you are an irritating Indian: 1) Listen to a fellow Indian from another state you are meeting for the very first time and is practically a stranger, speaking clearly in English. 2) Bring a stupid smug… Continue Reading →

FB – 1-Apr-2023

Priyanka Chopra said in a recent interview that she was forced to leave Bollywood because she was “pushed to a corner and had beef with some in Bollywood”. News sites on social media the next day, with bold letters for… Continue Reading →

FB – 27-Jun-2022

Our society is so obsessed with pregnancy out of wedlock as an ‘evil’ that the first thing people do when any celebrity announces pregnancy is count the number of days since the wedding. If the baby comes one day prior… Continue Reading →

FB – 8-Dec-2021

While the demise of CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other soldiers in today’s horrific chopper crash is a shock beyond compare, what’s even more terrible is how some jerks are raising blind and pathetic accusations against the… Continue Reading →

FB – 2-Aug-2021

The worst that victims of crimes done by psycho stalkers or scorned (ex) partners is not gruesome death or assault, it is the brutal character assassination done by those who always need a “valid reason” for a crime. Assumptions, made-up… Continue Reading →

FB – 28-May-2021

Today (like every day) when we heard the loud noise of children playing together (no masks, nothing) in hordes outside apartment buildings all around ours, Vedu turned to me and said quite seriously, “When Corona is so bad and there… Continue Reading →

FB – 1-Feb-2021

The whole Myntra logo change fiasco is a classic example of how true feminism and true feminists are ridiculed for the stupidity of jobless pseudo activists. 🙄

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