While the demise of CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other soldiers in today’s horrific chopper crash is a shock beyond compare, what’s even more terrible is how some jerks are raising blind and pathetic accusations against the sole survivor of the crash who is still in critical condition. A Shaurya Chakra awardee, he has been a soldier with an exemplary record and the last person who should be at the receiving end of such irresponsible remarks, especially when there is absolutely no statement indicating anything of the sort from the forces.

Considering the high-profile stature of the victims, this is a crash that will be and should be investigated with a lot more questions raised on its cause, understandably so. But that shouldn’t be license for idiots to wag their tongues based only on their cinematic imagination, least of all about a soldier who is fighting for his life.

This has become a trend now that whenever any known person passes away, conspiracy theories are weaved around others and a (social) media trial launched immediately, without a thought given to the distress it can cause to them and their loved ones. Done against anyone, it is bad and should be grounds for legal action against such motormouths who think their freedom of speech entitles them to make grave accusations against anyone without any consequence.

If you have an ounce of responsibility and sense left in you, please refrain from doing this and taking sensational news pieces or stupid social media posts as facts. Wait for the officials to conduct a proper investigation and release official statements about the updates. Base your posts on that!
May all who lost their lives today rest in peace! And may the survivor have a speedy recovery!

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