Personal attacks from candidates and party leaders is something I have always hated and something I regularly see, especially when elections are close. In that regard, I am yet to see a decent politician who can keep things completely professional. But what Mr.Modi needs to remember is that he is not just another party leader who is doing election campaign; he is the PM of this country. And no matter how much anyone tries to talk about continuous provocation and personal attacks from the opposition, the fact remains that the context and platform that he chose to take a jibe at Rahul Gandhi last day were wrong. I hope he understands the importance of being more responsible for every word that comes from him, given his stature as the PM of this country, unlike the other leaders from the ruling and opposition parties.

P.S. It’s also funny how suddenly everyone else has become a saint. Please take this as a feedback for yourselves too, sans the position of power mentioned. 🙂