I am going to address two sets of idiots in one post. This will be long. Please bear with me.
To the Imran Khan fans/Modi haters:
There were times when restraint was the way forward to maintain peace, and those at the helm of our country before have taken that path. Right now is not one of those times. What is happening now is an act of necessity. And this is not just about Pulwama. It is about so many, so many attacks on our civilians and soldiers alike – some successful, many foiled – that have been taking place for years. We all wish for peace. But when there is the threat of a terrorist attack anywhere in the country, any time at all, no matter how much we beef up the security measures, where is that peace? Our country has never had peace, thanks to the breeding grounds of terrorism, aided and protected by the Pakistan army and government. Despite that, peace talks were the path we resorted to, until now, when we have no option other than to retaliate. And the retaliation was also done in the most decent manner possible, targeting specific militant areas and not civilians or military establishments across the border.
But you have the audacity to think only about your political rivalry in a time like this and call Pulwama an attack orchestrated by ‘Modi and his government’, to call the air strike in Pakistan a publicity stunt planned by BJP to win votes for the next election. Today when Imran Khan, after a strong stand from India as well as the rest of the world, had no option other than to stay low and send back our brave IAF officer, Abhinandan by calling it a ‘Peace Gesture’, you hail him as the ambassador of peace. You talk about how despite ‘unnecessary provocation’ from the Indian government, he is still a gentleman in wanting peace talks. You fail to acknowledge the fact that the air strike in Pakistan was not a provocation, but retaliation after countless attacks on us and countless rounds of peace talks and warnings – retaliation to the terrorist groups, not to the country called Pakistan. You fail to acknowledge the fact that there is cross-border firing and ceasefire violation happening along the LoC every now and then, thanks to the Pakistan army’s ethics. You also fail to acknowledge the fact that India has never taken the first step of offense and a retaliation of this kind was for the security of people like you and me.
And you have the audacity to share this kind of bullshit on social media for the world to see, for those from Pakistan to see. Their media and their social media groups are quoting people like you and literally laughing at us. I see our people putting up posts quoting Imran Khan and Pakistani media and saying, “Imran Khan says so and I believe him, especially since elections are coming up in India. BJP and Modi will have to answer for orchestrating something like this for the election and humiliating us in front of the world.” You believe what Pakistan has been saying all along, despite their lies being exposed one by one with every passing hour. You believe what Pakistan has been saying, despite the rest of the world leaders calling Pakistan out and blaming them for supporting terrorism and pushing India to take stern actions. You call our government’s decision to retaliate and our armed forces’ bravery in fighting back a farce, despite the entire world backing that decision. When I see people from Pakistan putting up screen-shots of such pathetic posts from you and laughing at the lack of unity of our people for our country, I don’t know whether to cry or hide.
Nowhere else have I seen people so blinded by their political hatred that they choose to stand against the country in a time of need like this. You accuse BJP followers of using the air strike as a tool for the election campaign. But you have no voice here, because you are using it too, in exactly the opposite way. By trying to make it look like an orchestrated, elaborate plan to win the election, even by ‘killing off’ our own men and crossing the LoC into an enemy country, you guys have proven beyond doubt that you are the poison that is killing this country from within. If possible, understand one thing. India doesn’t mean Modi, and Indian government doesn’t mean BJP. If your personal and political hatred for one person or one party can make you stoop to such an extent that you feel putting up posts supporting the claims of the enemy and making our country a laughing stock in front of others is a good way to defeat your political rival, you really need to grow up!
And also, to those saying “Salute the IAF, not the government.” I’m sorry man! While the armed forces deserve all the glory for what they have done and what they keep doing for the country, you just cannot ignore the fact that what just happened was not possible without an all-go from the government and it was a huge decision. So you may hate the PM and his ministers how much ever you wish to, but give credit where it is due.
To the hard-core right-wing followers:
What’s happening right now is definitely a great decision and a great move. Appreciate it. (Just like you need to appreciate Indira Gandhi for her strong stand once upon a time, despite her being the ancestor of one of your major political rivals.) But for goodness sake, stop using this as your campaign for the next election. Admiring and appreciating the PM is something I understand. But putting up absolutely cheesy lines of flattery and worship, using the current scenario, is pathetic and sick! Most of all, that is an insult to the soldiers who are doing this not for anyone’s election win, but for the love of this country. So please, have some dignity!
And in your “How’s the Josh!” moment, putting up posts about how war is the only option and how we need to bomb the entire Pakistan, you seem to have lost your senses completely. Granted, even with the help of all their terrorist organizations, we will still defeat them. But you morons need to understand that it is going to take our country back decades and it is not all a glorious picture as you have seen in war movies. So stop spreading rumours meant to ignite a wish for more bloodshed in the minds of those who can be influenced. As I have already said, what is being done now is an act of retaliation and act of necessity, not an act of emotion like you make it sound.