Medicos and even commoners across the country join the protest to put an end to the horrific bullying and assault medical professionals face on a regular basis, only for trying to do their duty. And Ms.Banerjee is still hung up on petty political vendetta and calling the ground reality a political conspiracy??? Is this arrogance or insanity??? High time for her to address the issue with the sensitivity and empathy it requires and get out of her Hitler mode!

P.S. Please don’t come to me with the “hospitals are looting and killing common man” logic to justify such barbaric acts. As daughter to an amazing and dedicated doctor who has spent his entire life to serving people, I know that there are millions of doctors and medical professionals like him who are true to their soul. Your fight against private hospital managements or governments for lack of facilities should not be taken forward by beating up or killing medical professionals who give their all for us.