I am a die-hard coffee lover. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker as well. That was until I was instructed by my doctor to cut down on coffee owing to frequent bouts of severe migraine. Thus from 4-5 coffees a day I came down to one. Maybe because of the restriction imposed, this one cup of coffee became very special to me.

I look forward to this one cup of coffee every evening the way one looks forward to meeting her lover. I don’t drink it down in one go, but sip by sip, savouring each sip. But no sip is as special as the last sip. The last sip is always the sweetest, the yummiest. Before taking this last sip, I get confused about how I feel. “Do I feel happy that I am going to have the best sip? Or do I fear a sense of loss that I would have once I finish the last sip?” – just like falling in love. But once I give in, setting aside the emotional turmoil, I open my eyes and find that life is indeed sweeter and yummier – just like falling in love.