I do not know if Irom Sharmila will become the CM of Manipur some day as she wishes or if she is qualified for it. I do not know if her cause was justified or not. I also won’t pretend to have an opinion on AFSPA, because I do not have any firsthand knowledge of it and as such, I have immense respect for the Army.

But I do know that it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to go on fasting for 16 long years for whatever cause. Especially in our country where politicians “faint” after skipping one meal in the name of hunger strike. In these 16 years I don’t think there was even a single supporter of the cause who told her, “You have done your part. You deserve a break. I will do it now.” and took over.

Now 16 years later when she has decided to give up fasting, for whatever reason, suddenly she has become a nobody to all these people. She is not allowed to stay anywhere because people don’t want trouble from militants. And self-righteous souls are making statements like “She has the right to live her life the way she wants, marry, have kids. But starting a fight against AFSPA and dropping it halfway is just not done.”

Ever think that she didn’t do any of the things “she had the right to do” because she was busy fighting a battle for you? Would you have been happy if she fasted all her life and died? Would she have been lauded as a martyr then?

If not anything, at least show some compassion and respect for a person who chose to live without a proper meal for 16 bloody years, when you guys were having three meals a day. I don’t mean any offense to anyone. I’m just sad to see how selfish and ungrateful people can be, the moment things don’t happen the way they want.