Lucky are those women who find their best friend in their husband. Luckier are those women who find their husband in their best friend. I’m happy that I belong to the second category of luckier ones.

This day, ten years back we met for the first time in CUSAT on our first day of classes and became friends almost immediately. Back then if someone had told me I would be waking next to you every day years later, I would have laughed, so would you.

There has been no other friend who I have loved with all my heart so consistently, no other friend I have felt proud to call my best friend through thick and thin, no other friend who has known my deepest, darkest, dirtiest, silliest secrets, no other friend who knows even the minutest details of my life. Ten years down and even after any number of years to come, you will still be my best friend first and then everything else. Because it is our crazy, innocent friendship that has always been the rock-solid foundation of the wonderful relationship we share. Here’s to a decade of friendship and more and more decades of pure fun, Hari Kaimal! 🙂