Sara Ali Khan is a kid who is really sensible when she talks about mostly everything. I just wish she would show the same kind of sense in choosing scripts. But yeah, I should have gauged her sense with respect to movies the day I heard her say that her favourite movie character is ‘Poo’ from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’. 🤮

On a serious note, I wish she would stop being extra respectful of seniors to such an extent that she thinks she doesn’t have the ‘aukaat’ (her own words) to be selective in the kind of work she chooses to do. Especially since she comes from a privileged background where she can afford to be selective, unlike total outsiders who do not have an option but to take anything that comes their way, just so that they make themselves visible. It is absolutely unfair to herself and others if she continues choosing shitty scripts.

P.S. Those from the “Boycott Bollywood” gang, please ignore this post. The day you started typing that under movie trailers of even ‘outsiders’, you made it clear that you are simply copying and pasting the same slogan everywhere without any real idea of what you want. 😜