Warning!! : Before you start reading.. You might not find much relation between the title of this blog, its beginning  and its end.. 😀 The title is actually Rakesh’s words which in fact prompted me to write this.


All through my student life, be it in school or college, I was always lucky enough to find some really really close friends. When most of the people say that they have a lot of friends, but just one best friend, I’ve always had a number of best friends. I could never compare them or rate them on a scale to see who was better than the other or who was closer to me. They were all the very best in their own ways and close to my heart in one way or the other. At different points of my life I’ve needed every one of them with me.

Somehow or the other my gang of friends was always a bunch of crazy guys. There was never even a boy to girl ratio, with just one girl in my entire life’s friends’ circle (which by the way, is a huge circle 🙂 ). It had nothing to do with anything wrong with girls. But somehow I was always most comfortable with the easy, no-offense attitude of guys, where you can say and do anything without really worrying about how the other will take it. Moreover, I’ve found it a comfort zone where you know you are never really judged and accepted for the person that you are. (I’m not sure if this is in fact the scenario when a guy and a girl decide to get married 😀 ). Anyhow, the chatterbox that I am was never really looked at as a negative by guys, at least not for too long, whereas I’ve always landed in trouble for misinterpretation of tone and modulation with girls, who normally hate my big mouth. Hehe.. As I’ve already said, it had nothing to do with good or bad, it just didn’t work the right way with girls. Consequently, I was never that easy, natural or normal in a group of girls.

Coming to Poornam “to work”, I was expecting a difference. The all serious and uptight set up that you see in movies had formed an image in my mind. But it didn’t take long for me to realize I was wrong.

I was so lucky to find a group of complete freaks here who made me digest the fact that “Boys are always boys”. They never really grow up. 🙂 For me, who was always college-sick after my MBA days, they gave back my college life. Sitting at the Food Court corner, gossiping, laughing at each other’s expense, weaving strategies on how to impress girls, giving missed calls to someone just to see who was at the other end of a phone call, planning endless trips, rushing out of office craving for the Best Baker’s shawarma, they have given me a chance to live my college memories yet again. While some have left, the bond that we built in the short span proved to be stronger than some lifelong relations.

I would have taken it to be just a fun gang of crazy boys if it were not for the last weekend when I fell sick. That weekend crushed my stupid belief that guys do not really have a sensitive side to them. I was surprised to see that boys do care. Although they made my trip to the hospital feel like a planned trip to Fort Cochin, each and every gesture was opening up a new side of theirs to me, a side I never knew existed. Dragging me to the hospital, staying by my side, calling up every now and then to make sure I was okay and I had everything I needed and cheer me up with their stupid jokes, they made my 2 days of “downtime” a really happy weekend.

Although it might seem a very normal and very simple thing, my evening at the hospital meant a lot more to me. Because it was then that I realized how much more precious these freaks were than I really thought. 🙂