While skimming through my old emails, I found an email from my old official email id, sent on 30 Jan, 2013. The subject was “What I feel right now”. Apparently I was fuming and was so frustrated with the way things were happening in that organization that I just wanted to vent out. And the way I did it was penning down my feelings like always and sending an email to myself at my personal email id, as I couldn’t use the same words there for the sake of professionalism (As if that existed!). Felt funny to find it after so long. Posting it here as I’m sure a lot of you would be able to relate to it completely. Do let me know how many of you feel the same way right now!

And a huge thank you to my amazing trainees for keeping me sane even in the midst of all the negativity and bullshit around.

“It feels so sick to be taken for granted so bloody often by the so-called ‘people of authority’. In the name of policies and ‘That’s how it is’ rules, people are treated like shit. ‘It is your need, not ours’ is the key word I hear everywhere around me. And I wonder, what if all these people decide they don’t need it any longer? Then what happens to ‘your’ existence and survival? It is high time the attitude of ‘You are desperate to be with us’ is chucked out of their head and they learn to respect people for the gravity of the work they do.”