Ah finally!! I’m back! Seriously.. I wonder why I bothered to create a blog in the first place. Because after the first (miserable) blog I’ve never had the chance to even log in to my blog.

I’ve been soooooooooooooooo busy with my life at SMS that I never even had the time to think of all this.. Now now.. My seniors who’re reading this will go, “As if she’s the only one. We have all been through the same kind of life, but we were never this busy”. I knowwww.

Well, you see what the difference between them and me is? This is the first time I’m doing real work. All these years it’s been the easy way. You get all the materials in front of you. You gobble it up, “reproduce” it on the answer sheets (as teachers name the ‘process’), and score marks. In my case, the marks were not just marks – very good marks, excellent marks which won me a university rank. (A little boasting won’t do any harm, would it??? 😉 The fact that I was rank 3 out of a meager 500 students doesn’t make much difference, does it? After all, a rank is a rank.)

I know I know. I’ve just crossed the “a little boasting” limit. So, where were we??
Aha! The easy way.. yeah. So when I started my life in SMS I was bewildered. I was totally at sea. I had no idea where I would get materials for my assignments and presentations. Or rather to start with, I had no idea what presentations were. (Probably the reason why I was ecstatic after my first presentation.) I had no idea how to go about with my studies. I had no idea how to attend the classes even. In short, I was clueless about everything.

Anyway, soon I realized I wasn’t the only one. Everyone was going through the same mental torture as I was. That realization – of being “partners in misery” brought us close and eased our tension. That’s when we started taking things lightly. In fact, a bit too lightly. But still work is work. Alongside all the fun we had there was a lot to do – my valid excuse for not checking my mails or logging into my blogspot or even calling up my friends for that matter.

The presentations and assignments got over in a while. And we were nearing the end of our semester (a very short semester owing to the late commencement, thanks to the authorities). And by then we had earned the reputation of being “a happy-go-lucky, good for nothing batch”. 😀 Then came the internal examinations. And that was when it dawned on us what we were in – DEEP SHIT!! The modules reminded us of deep blue oceans extending beyond the horizon – what a beautiful picture!! And the tension was back, twice as fast as it had vanished one cursed day!!

And there, at our doorstep, guess who?? Yep yep. Bloody external examinations. We could feel the tension build (Incorrect use of language?? Never mind.) by the minute. There was sooooooo much to finish and sooooooooo little time. We tried to be strong and brave like warriors at the war front. But it was no use. Day by day, we were breaking down, giving in to the pressure. And out came the frustration, helplessness and tantrums. We girls would take turns in crying and consoling each other. And more still, in lashing out at each other for no reason.

As the exams got over one by one I could feel the difference. We were starting to relax. Now with just two more exams to go(postponed ones – typical of our state) I know we are all almost back to normal. All the resolutions to be systematic from the next semester – pah! I’m sure the day the last exam is over, we’ll be back to our laid-back selves. Only to return to the peak of tension for the S2 university exams.

But hey, life’s too short. And we’re trying to live by the rules of “living life to the fullest”. Exams come and go. You clear all the papers if you put in a little effort. But the memories of campus life stay forever.

So my new year’s resolution (in advance): ENJOY EVEN MORE!!! 😀