There was a time when I was scared
Not anymore- It’s joy all around
Despite the evils of the world
It’s joy all around
Laughing faces, caring hands, and
Moments of fun I’d never want to miss
I look onto the stage and laugh out loud
And then I see things change – it’s dark
Where are the friends who were laughing with me?
Who are the ones on the stage now?
I see a little girl who moves back in fear, who’s she?
I see shadows crowding on her
She calls out for help; but it hurts to see that
The guardian angels are all moving away
Wait! I’ve seen this!
I sit back in fright and close my eyes tight
This is it.. this is it..
All my life flashes before me
Bleeding inside and wanting to scream
I am the little girl lying on the stage
I cry out loud and try to escape
The pangs of the nightmare that try to mar me
It’s all coming back- the pain, the fear, the hatred
And once again I’m back to the time when I was scared
But no – I don’t want to be there
It takes all my strength to open my eyes
To see that I’ve moved on
To see that there’s a wonderful future ahead
To see that I’m back – back to my present!