When people kept arguing why we need bullet trains in a country which has a long way to go otherwise, I didn’t agree to it. Just because there are other areas to develop, it doesn’t mean a high-end transportation facility that can benefit us immensely shouldn’t be brought about. However, when people keep arguing that the tallest statue in the world has given employment to lots in construction and will give income to lots more by means of being a major tourist attraction, I beg to differ. In a country like ours, we could have created far better permanent employment options or a much reasonably cost-effective tourist attraction to provide long-term livelihood to people, instead of spending SO MUCH on one statue. I am all for monuments and I agree that the world would never have had heritage monuments if everyone chose to not spend money on them in the first place. However, we definitely should have taken into consideration our country’s financial standing and priorities before going for something of this scale. I’m sure Patel would agree too.

P.S. Please refrain from using this post as a platform to unleash your political agenda. I’ll ask you to stop right away. Fair warning!

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