My problem with Tanmay Bhat is not really one crass video and I don’t even know if he needs to be arrested for it, let alone be given a second look. But yeah, that’s something people more informed than me should decide. My problem is that this guy is called one of the brightest talents in the Indian comedy space when he is nowhere near being funny. Irritating yes, funny – absolutely not. Except for one Alia Bhat mockumentary which became a hit purely on the basis of her sporty self and innocence, I have not found anything from this guy or his team even remotely funny. In a space where there are highly talented comedians like the TVF team, Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyanrath, Varun Thakur and so many more, I feel it’s a crime to be giving so much importance to a guy whose only idea of creativity is cussing and insulting on a mega scale. Good comedians do cuss too, no denying that. But when there is so much of sensible and genuinely funny content, a swear word here and there doesn’t even stand out. I’ve seen so many mimicry artists pulling off impressions of celebrities in front of them, and even making fun of them in such a funny manner that the celebrities themselves go on stage and congratulate them. So the question is not of people taking offense alone, but of the way the content is delivered. As a person who enjoys watching stand up comedians from both the Indian and the International arenas without taking offense at all, what this guy tries to pull off as humour is simply not humour. Well, that’s just what I feel. No debates since I’m never involved in those on the Web! Please exercise your freedom of expression on your timeline, or maybe your snapchat.