Reading post after post, comment after comment countering #ParvathyIsALegend and bashing Parvathy Thiruvoth for being ‘an arrogant b**** who doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut and gives out opinion on public forums when not asked’. And laughing out loud about how these people keep proving her point time and again with their vicious attacks on her for only saying her opinion in the best way possible. This time around they are trying to prove how “Kabir Singh”/”Arjun Reddy” was just an innocent movie like “Kasaba” with the flawed “intelligent audience” logic. Even when its director openly says that “Love isn’t real if lovers can’t slap each other” and the original actor Vijay Devarakonda says “There might be people who are completely in love and give each other little hits and they might understand the movie better”. Hahaaaa!!! I am amazed by the innocence of this movie’s makers. Parvathy, kudos to you for never backing down even at the face of the worst kind of bullying a woman can face! You certainly are an inspiration and I hope you never let hidden agendas cloud your views like others.