I have to let it out. Can’t hold it in anymore.

1) Feeling sick of the shameless mentality of some or rather a lot of people in blaming Anushka Sharma for the loss today. Is it a crime to be in a relationship with a cricketer? And it’s not like anyone blames Virat Kohli if her movies flop. Calling her a bad luck to the game and hurling abuses at her shows how cheap these weirdos are.

2) Wonder why a lot of people have turned out to be Dhoni haters when from the time he has come in the team, he has performed impeccably as a cricketer and as a captain. He has been and always will be one of the best cricketers and captains India has produced.

3) Can’t stand some nitwits making the Indian team the butt of the jokes for losing one match in the tournament. The team deserves all the accolades for storming on till the Semi Finals undefeated. Sportsmanship and support are not things to be shown only when your team wins, but also when they lose fighting.

Now I can sleep peacefully.

P.S.: As always, my timeline, my opinion. Do not dare start an argument and fight in my comments section. I will shamelessly delete hate-comments.