Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, a Kerala politician has put up a post on the importance of Nipah virus precautions.

This guy was the Home Minister of Kerala from 2006-2011. He is now the CPIM party secretary for the state. Just giving this introduction so that my friends outside Kerala know that he is supposedly a well known politician in Kerala and has held very high positions in the government here. For that reason when people told me about this post, I didn’t really believe it. Now that I see this on his own official FB page, I have only one question to him – “Have you no shame, you moron???”

For those who can’t read and understand Malayalam, he is talking about the gravity of taking precautions against Nipah virus. And he has very graciously added a paragraph at the bottom which says, “Do fight against RSS too which is equally dangerous like Nipah virus.”

It’s understandable how much you hate your political rivals. But to shamelessly bring that in to a post about something as serious as this, especially when people have lost their lives to this infection! That really shows how cheap you are. Get a life!