Taking 2 minutes off my precious vacation to say this. Dear Mohanlal, the treasured asset of Malayalam supposedly – you are a shameless male chauvinist who has had no qualms in supporting and initiating all sorts of anti-women actions in the Malayalam movie industry, before and after taking charge of probably the most misogynistic movie industry of all in the country. And now you have proven that shamelessness yet again by calling the #MeToo movement a fad that will die down soon and also proclaiming proudly that there is nothing wrong with the Malayalam movie industry. Is it denial or ignorance or arrogance, I’m not sure. Must be arrogance considering there will always be a huge regiment of Lalettan lovers who will fight for you, come what may. Know this – all those blind fans and their battle for you, or your vague philosophical words don’t make you a star. You are anything but a hero!! Sad that I will never be able to enjoy some of my favourite movies anymore only because seeing you on screen will keep reminding me how even hypocrites like you enjoy love and respect you don’t deserve as a person.
P.S. This goes out to the other superstars of the industry too and especially to the younger stars who were quite opportunistic in making tall proclamations on ending misogyny and supporting the cause of women a while back, but were quick enough to go back on their words or keep mum to stay in the good books of the seniors once they received their share of praises. Shame on you guys!
P.P.S. Die-hard fans of said superstars and younger stars may refrain from coming here with pathetic arguments to support these jerks. Remember, our daughters who deserve a safer future need your support more than “stars” who bedazzle you on screen.
#Mohanlal, #EndMisogyny, #StopWorshippingStars, #MeToo

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