I have been seeing posts about how people remaining silent, people not saying anything regarding the ongoing CAA-NRC protests on social media are wrong in not taking a stand and saying something. And I was thinking, maybe they are not saying anything or maybe their voices are drowned out because there is already so much of noise and chaos that is created by those supporting and opposing the whole thing by shooting misinformation and half-baked conspiracy theories at each other. Ultimately, it is coming down to either complete denial/bigotry or total panic/hatred based on opposing ideologies. So on the battleground called social media where people are mostly interested in throwing trash at each other in the name of debate, do not start blaming the ones who are not willing to get into the ugly fight or second every word you say!

And please do remember that the ones who praise Godse and the ones who praise Yakub Memon are equally unworthy of being considered heroes.

P.S. Unlike my other posts, this one, a purely personal opinion, is not open to comments or debates because you have the entire social media open for your fights. Please spare my timeline!

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