Reiterating what I had written in a blog sometime back in the wake of the horrifying incident of a Malayalam actress being abducted and harassed. Posting a message on social media is not the only way people can support someone. Whoever is busy writing sensational articles criticizing AMMA and the superstars of Malayalam film industry for not saying/writing anything is only assuming that no one is doing anything about it and that’s because they are scared of another actor. Do we have even an ounce of proof for that? They might be doing something about it, they might have reached out to her personally, they might be helping her in their own ways. The problem these days is that it has become obligatory to post everything and satisfy people. I had said the same thing when Mohanlal was hugely criticized for not posting anything the day Kalabhavan Mani died. Yes, this is a totally different scenario. But different people have different ways of doing things and they don’t owe it to anyone to prove themselves. It’s not fair to lash out at celebrities when we don’t even know how they are dealing with it and quite possibly they are trying to help her. And saying the superstars of almost 4 decades are scared of a younger actor is a bit ridiculous too. The most important thing right now is that she’s safe and she had the guts to stand up against those brutes. People need to grow out of the cheap curiosity to know what every actor in the industry has to say about anything, no matter how delicate the issue is. No offense!