Given the pitiful condition that Kerala is in, thanks to the Sabarimala verdict and protest, I really feel that we now need to think of what poor Ayyappa wants. On the one hand, we have women who are trying to enter the shrine to prove a point and give Him “medicines” to control His sexual urge He might feel by their presence, and not really because they have any reverence for Him or faith in Him as such. On the other, we have men who claim to be ardent believers and in the name of protecting their beliefs, and of course FOR AYYAPPA, abuse and bash up these women and anyone who supports them. Who do you think the Lord wants in His shrine, where He supposedly went and stayed centuries ago to have some peace of mind? I believe the answer will be “Neither”. So instead of fighting over who gets to enter or not enter Sabarimala, they should ideally let the Lord have His will and shut the doors of the temple to all these rotten nimcompoops and also their respective online supporters who are fighting a virtual war! Let Him live in peace! #Sabarimala #LiterateMorons

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