I guess I am just venting out all the anger I am feeling. But I’m sick and tired of all the suddenly enlightened souls lashing out at Bollywood biggies, ‘star kids’ and the fab word ‘nepotism’ for the sad death of a talented young actor as if they were looking for yet another platform and they have found the perfect one now in the form of this death. From slogans like “This is a murder, not suicide” to a call to boycott these “heartless brats”, and angry questions like “Why didn’t you do anything?” coming from seemingly enraged, but clueless social media warriors and happily ignited by propaganda “Queens”, it is simply a reflection of how they still do not have any idea of what depression is and why such deaths happen.

Someone who was battling a chronic struggle with depression gives up the battle exhausted, but you idiots do not understand what that sickness is! You take it as a chance to display your pathetic propaganda and spread hatred calling anyone in the industry a murderer who is responsible for this. I wonder how many of these “saints” have any idea of what people sitting right next to them at work go through on a daily basis! And while it is important to have empathy for others and try to help those who struggle, these people act like everyone should be everyone else’s friend and answerable for everything. Sorry to say dear people, that’s not how it works. We all have our circles, we all have a life that we struggle to keep up with, all we can do is try to keep a lookout for those we know to see any distress calls. And even then it’s not practically possible for us to do everything, whether we want it or not. That’s not selfishness, that’s all people can do in the race of life that they themselves are in.

When I was going through the peak of my depression, no one except two people I confided in knew it. And I never felt that those who didn’t know were bad friends. Even if I told them, some of them would not have understood what it meant. And even then I wouldn’t have blamed them for it. So to just put it all down to your “expert” outsider perception of his career issues or whatever and blame other actors or directors for this death is simply a callous act.

Also, you keep preaching the importance of being kind to help those who might be struggling. How the hell are you practicing it when you are busy hurling abuses at celebrities you don’t even know because you think they are public property? If your senseless accusations and continued negativity make it too difficult for one of these people who you hate and they end their life, would you be ready to take responsibility for the part you played in it? Because there is a death that you can happily sensationalize, you shed your crocodile tears and disgrace this wonderful man’s memory by spreading such hatred. But the same you make fun of it when some other actor opens up about depression and call it a publicity stunt. Tomorrow if one of these people you abuse does it, you would try to blame someone else. That’s all you will do!

So please keep your investigative skills and non-existent expert opinion on everything to yourself at least now and let the departed soul rest in peace! That’s the minimum decency you can show to at least pretend that you understand what depression actually means! And please do try to understand that everyone, no matter how privileged and entitled they are, has his/her own battles. Stop judging others based on your perception of entitlement and happiness! 😡