Someone needs to tell A.M.M.A office bearers that there is something called “suspension pending investigation”. That does not mean that you are branding the accused as guilty. That only means that you take an interim action to ensure fairness and justice before the final verdict comes out and you decide on the permanent action to be taken. By voicing out support for the accused, whose name has been listed in the charge sheet, from the very beginning and influencing public opinion using their stature of being superstars and celebrities, these ‘gentlemen’ of Malayalam cinema have surely proven that they are a shame to all men, at least the decent ones. But then there will always be scores of die-hard fans, men and women, who use words like “prostitutes” to refer to the actresses fighting for one of their own. You are the reason that these celebrities are shamelessly arrogant. And you are the reason there never will be a safe world for women, ever!

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