I just hope that all the madness that has been going on doesn’t garner undeserved sympathy for Dileep if he is guilty and help his cause. I personally don’t think the police department would have gone ahead with arresting him without solid evidence, considering the high profile status of this case and the support he has from elected representatives of the ruling party. They know they have too much at stake if there is a mistake. But with the kind of madness from media and people, I fear that even if he is convicted with proper evidence, it would be still be considered the result of media influence. I’m sure that people are celebrating this because he is a celebrity, none the less a hero who had a huge fan base. I just hope that too much display of hatred does not belittle the gravity of the crime and result in an outpour of sympathy during the investigation, forgetting that there is a brave girl who went through hell and waits for justice.