Forget what people blinded by communal thoughts say. The Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang ad is a beautiful ad that sends out a beautiful message. And some points of clarification to those who are calling this a controversial ad.
1) Your question of “Would they dare to release something about another religion?” makes no sense because this ad has got nothing that insults Hinduism or Holi.
2) Your anger about calling the colours on clothes “Daag” is stupid because whether it is Holi colour or a mark left by eatables, it is still a stain that has to be washed off. There’s nothing unholy about that word and we can’t just invent a new word to suit your requirements.
3) Your rage about “love jihad displayed in the ad” shows how pathetic you are. They are two innocent kids. If you could only see romance and love jihad in their relationship, then God save you morons!