Not that I ever had much trust in the goodness of human race as a whole, I believe it is going down by the day. Of all the evils in the world, the voyeuristic pleasure that people find in others’ tragedy is one of the worst. It is also an evil that is least called out because most often the ones who indulge in this create a bubble of fake righteousness around it so that people think they are doing it out of genuine concern for something or someone. The perfect example for that would be the seemingly sincere outrage that you see around Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The number of assholes that I had to report and block from my friends list in the last 3 or 4 days for sharing pictures of his corpse, right after it was taken down by the police, is proof of how much people can stoop for sensationalism. I don’t know who is worse – the one who leaked these pictures in the first place or the ones who are happily sharing them. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these jerks???? Is it too difficult for even the most senseless ones to understand that sharing disturbing pictures of a corpse on social media is wrong???

I was under the impression that I had seen it all with vultures of the most rotten and toxic kind from Bollywood swooping down to use his name and death to settle scores with those they have a personal vendetta against, and also to use this as the perfect PR opportunity to boost their image as saints, or to get their two minutes of limelight and a second shot at fame. It was followed by people with no idea of what happened sharing disparaging generalized posts about celebrities they hate in the name of a lame “revolution” called ‘anti-nepotism’, conveniently targeting a group that included even the best of contemporary times, drowning out sensible comments from those who suggested meaningful solutions to ensure merit gets its worth. (It is worth noting that these “revolutionists” were weeks back mourning the death of Rishi Kapoor, a great actor and a powerful ‘star kid’ who was launched by his father decades back, and proclaim their love for other ‘star kids’ like Aamir Khan who is hailed the perfect actor, Salman Khan who still has a huge fan following despite his pathetic acting skills and in general shitty personal profile if I may say so, Hrithik Roshan who keeps giving us hits and so many more, many of whom are amazing actors in their own terms, despite who launched them or what their background is.)

And then they scaled it up to the #JusticeFor movement to have a CBI investigation to prove that he did not commit suicide (Sorry, I refuse to use the new fad “died of suicide” because I simply find it lame and ‘commit’ does not always insinuate a crime), but that he was murdered by industry insiders or even his best friends. Every time I came across these posts on my news feed, I kept hiding it in the hope that the madness would end soon.

But in the last week, when they crossed all lines of decency and started coupling their stupid conspiracy theories based on absolutely baseless assumptions and amateur (read pathetic) investigation skills with pictures of his corpse, I lost my last ounce of belief in humanity. All these morons who do this pretend to be interested in serving justice to a man who was wronged, helping him and bringing down the villains to whom they have attributed faces of their choice. But the sheer truth is that their interest is in nothing but cheap murder mysteries and the thrill they get from making one out of a real-life tragedy. Every time a well-known celebrity leaves us in an accident or by suicide, these morons spring up from nowhere, acting the very same way. I am all for police investigating unnatural deaths, because that is the protocol and a verdict would bring at least some kind of closure to the loved ones of the deceased. But even if the investigation conclusively brings out the verdict that there was no foul play involved, they will not be satisfied, because “Hey, where’s the fun in that???”

It’s sad that a young man who in all probability took the saddest way out of life to find peace is now finding the exact opposite of peace in the form of vulgar photos of his corpse doing the rounds on Internet and the hounding of even his close friends by people who take advantage of his inability to speak out anymore!

Whether it makes a real difference or not, if I find anymore of such disgusting jerks in my friends list or otherwise, sharing these pictures, I will report you, and not just on Facebook. It is time you understood that social media is not a place where you can go on insulting dead people to satisfy your lust for cheap thrills or violate people’s privacy!