People of Kerala really need to stop hailing morons like P.C.George as “the hero who is not scared to say the truth” and electing him as an MLA every bloody time he contests. He is nothing but a blabbering buffoon who has zero decency in the way he thinks or talks. If using expletives on news channels or making vulgar and obscene comments about people are the marks of a true hero, then it is high time we changed our standards of hero worship.

This isn’t the first time this guy has shamed sexual assault victims who have chosen to open up. He did the same thing in the actress abduction case too, by asking bullshit questions like “If she was sexually assaulted, why did she go to work the next day?” By calling the nun who lodged a complaint against the invincible super-Bishop a prostitute, P.C.George has proven yet again why it is so difficult for sexual attack victims to open up in our society.

Dear MLA, if you wonder why there were 13 instances of assault and why she didn’t complain after the first instance, the fear of motormouths like you calling her a prostitute and making her look like the culprit is exactly the reason why she took it for so long. And that is exactly the reason a lot of women take it to their graves too.

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