Happened to watch a video of a school teacher taking quite an animated online class to engage her young students and some men repeating what she said and laughing. There were some people arguing that the video was not trolling her. They fail to understand that while these teachers are amazing in their field and can do a great job with the kids, most of them would be extremely nervous about the fact that anyone anywhere can see and judge them with the current system.

It’s easy for us to say “If they are good, why should they lack confidence and worry about who watches it?” But videos like these which look like a mockery of what they do are sure to increase their fears and stop them from doing more of what they love for the simple reason that they are not used to doing this, especially in front of an older crowd. Not everyone is impervious to unnecessary teasing and it’s time insensitive social media trolls understood that. Especially since these are not videos these teachers upload on their personal profile for fun; it is their job that they don’t have an option to run away from. Let’s not make it more difficult for them than it already is.

P.S. It’s not just mocking videos doing the rounds. There are posts which show obscene comments about the teachers under YouTube videos of the online classes. Bloody assholes!