Okay, someone please tell me when this never ending line of “challenges” would end. It all started with the Ice bucket challenge, which was a genuine challenge for a noble cause. And then I was tagged in a ‘Book list challenge’. I didn’t see what was challenging about it. But I was happy to get a huge list of book suggestions in return for 10 of mine. Little did I know what was to follow. I saw and had my mouth wide open at ‘Bible/Quran/Gita verses challenge’ and ‘Landscape photography challenge’. Then came the ‘Motherhood challenge’ – upload pics that show you as a proud mother!! Now I understand motherhood is a challenge, but how on earth is 7 pics hugging your baby portraying that challenge? And then the ‘Womanhood challenge’ – upload pics that show you as a proud woman!! And then came the ‘Saree challenge’ – upload pics that show you proud in a saree!! And then the ‘Love your spouse challenge’ (whaaaa???) – upload pics with your spouse!! And now, the ‘Black and white pic challenge’ – upload black and white pics of yours!!??? The funniest part is the way people write “Challenge accepted” as if they were asked to walk on fire. Seriously, how is uploading random pics in any way a challenge? And the solemn ending “I nominate so and so and so”. It’s damn funny how people are happy to just follow the herd and do anything that others do on FB, even when it makes no sense.

P.S. No offense to anyone who has been taking on these ‘challenges’.