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Over the years whatever I have jotted down on my Facebook wall have been collated here.


People of Kerala really need to stop hailing morons like P.C.George as “the hero who is not scared to say the truth” and electing him as an MLA every bloody time he contests. He is nothing but a blabbering buffoon… Continue Reading →


Next Valentine’s Day (or maybe every single day), stay away from public places because the “Guardians of Sanskaar and God’s will” from every damn religion are going to beat you up irrespective of who you are with – girls or… Continue Reading →


For God’s sake, stop trying to be good Samaritans by spreading stupid yet fatal messages related to health and medicine on the internet or following those instead of trusting qualified medical professionals. Sick and tired of seeing ridiculous forwards and… Continue Reading →


Rahul baba, tussi great ho! Honestly, I think the script writers for Rahul baba’s episodes of fame are secretly allied with BJP. Why else would they make him do things that have him look stupider than the humanly possible levels… Continue Reading →


We got a bucket, a mug and a bath soap free from BigBasket, all together. It seems that they really want us to take a bath. Point noted. :-/


Remember the crap fest called Dus, the fun movie in which everyone walks around with a supposedly cool, but actually lame look on their faces? It’s 2:12am and I am sitting here watching it, because who would want to let… Continue Reading →


Seeing pictures of Sonam and Kareena celebrating the success of ‘Veere Di Wedding’ (3rd highest grossing movie of the year) makes me realize why Bollywood is so confident of bringing out mega-budget crappy movies. Can’t wait to see the success… Continue Reading →

25-May-2018 – #2

So Facebook can let a truck load of crap be shown on my newsfeed every day, but had to delete the pictures of a breast cancer survivor breastfeeding her baby and even the photographer’s page because THIS is nudity and… Continue Reading →


It’s so sad that the two professions which are of the utmost importance, teachers who shape the future and nurses who bring light into the lives of the sick, are also the least paid professions. They have to literally beg… Continue Reading →


Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, a Kerala politician has put up a post on the importance of Nipah virus precautions. This guy was the Home Minister of Kerala from 2006-2011. He is now the CPIM party secretary for the state. Just giving this… Continue Reading →

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