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Over the years whatever I have jotted down on my Facebook wall have been collated here.


With all due respect to the late actress, National Award for Best Actress goes to Sridevi for Mom???? Seriously??? Glad that jury chairman Shekhar Kapoor clarified that it had nothing to do with his personal equation with her. Otherwise we… Continue Reading →


School from 1.5-2 years, preschool made unofficially mandatory, “projects” that no 3 or 4 year old can do for sure and have to be done by parents, Wi-Fi and printer made compulsory requirements at students’ homes, 6 day school week,… Continue Reading →


Not just the front seat, it’s important to buckle yourself up in the rear seat too. I know this very well because years ago, my uncle, aunt and son escaped a near-fatal accident only because they were buckled up in… Continue Reading →


An actress died around 36 hours ago. She is still not cremated. And people are so busy speculating and sharing posts about how her cosmetic surgeries might have led to her untimely death and concluding how she was never secure… Continue Reading →


In the past so many years I haven’t seen people across the country, and by that I mean almost all the states, united to such an extent as Priya P Warrier has been able to bring them together in the last few… Continue Reading →


Gone are the days when people would treat you the way you treat them. It’s better if you understand the fact that now people treat you the way you let them treat you.


I’m never one to follow Facebook trends of copying and pasting messages that do the round or taking up bizarre challenges that people come up with. But in 2 days the number of #MeToo that I’ve seen from people in my own… Continue Reading →


That moment when my baby smiled at me and said “Amma”, her first word – priceless! Can’t express the joy in words. 🙂


I hope that people will realize the importance of car seats for younger kids and buckling up yourself and your older ones. Just like bike riders say “Going only to the nearby junction, no need for helmet”, people tend to… Continue Reading →


Watched Bahubali 2 in three days, finally after a long wait, thanks to Hotstar. But honestly, I was so disappointed with the CGI, especially since they had done a real decent job in the first part. More so because I… Continue Reading →

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