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Radhika Gopakumar

For you, sincere hypocrites

It’s been weeks of reading through the arguments of the ‘intellectuals’ in our country against capital punishment for those who rape children below 12. It’s interesting to see the use of the term “human rights” so lavishly when you talk… Continue Reading →

25-May-2018 – #2

So Facebook can let a truck load of crap be shown on my newsfeed every day, but had to delete the pictures of a breast cancer survivor breastfeeding her baby and even the photographer’s page because THIS is nudity and… Continue Reading →


It’s so sad that the two professions which are of the utmost importance, teachers who shape the future and nurses who bring light into the lives of the sick, are also the least paid professions. They have to literally beg… Continue Reading →


Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, a Kerala politician has put up a post on the importance of Nipah virus precautions. This guy was the Home Minister of Kerala from 2006-2011. He is now the CPIM party secretary for the state. Just giving this… Continue Reading →

A mother’s day tribute to fathers

As a mother, I feel very proud when I read about how babies have a very strong bond with their mothers even before they are born. After Vedu came along, there have been so many instances when I have beamed… Continue Reading →

Fighting my demons, fighting depression

I have read numerous write-ups on the internet with the same title – “My battle with depression”. I have read numerous write-ups on how to deal with depression too. Honestly, more than half of these is nothing but utter crap…. Continue Reading →


It’s so nice when you can eat anything without worrying about putting on weight. It’s equally irritating when the half a kilogram you put on goes straight to your tummy and no place else. Especially when you have a lean… Continue Reading →


I now understand how Ross put up with Marcel. Going crazy listening to “In the jungle, the mighty jungle” all day, thanks to our Marcel, Vedu!! 😐 #Friends, #OnlyForFriendsLovers

The Unsung Queens of “Friendzone”

Every day I come across dozens of trolls or memes depicting the sorry situation of guys who have been “friendzoned”. What makes my blood boil is how they talk as if guys have the sole ownership of this miserable land…. Continue Reading →


With all due respect to the late actress, National Award for Best Actress goes to Sridevi for Mom???? Seriously??? Glad that jury chairman Shekhar Kapoor clarified that it had nothing to do with his personal equation with her. Otherwise we… Continue Reading →

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