In my head, the country Japan has always been associated with the word “unlucky”, when I was young. The lessons about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks have been my first ‘learning’ about Japan. I felt so bad for the country although movies like ‘Pearl Harbour’ could have succeeded in portaying a different picture. After those lessons, any piece of news about any disaster in Japan would catch my attention easily. I don’t think there ever was another country which went down in a huge plethora of disasters – both natural and man-made. From erupting volcanoes to earthquakes, to terrible tsunamis, to nuclear bombs affecting generation after generation, this country has seen it all, over and over again.

Yet, the will and strength with which they have come up and risen to being one of the super-powers of the world is simply awesome. That was when I replaced the word “unlucky” with “strong-willed”. With all that they had to go through, they could easily be an Activist country, succumbing to the pressures of nature and deciding they could do nothing about it. Because the moment they achieve something, they are thrashed down again by another disaster. But they never left anything to fate, instead proved time and again the famous saying “If you have a will, you have a way”.

This is a tribute to the strongest nation in the world no doubt, Japan and the absolutely optimistic and positive people of the country who have always helped build their nation from scratch and take it to the top. We salute you for what you have always proven to the world and we are damn sure you will be back with a bang in no time.