The comments section in Facebook posts is what makes me believe in the power of stupidity, time and again. I mean, they come in all forms – those who are morally on a higher ground, those who are intellectually on a higher ground, those who are emotionally on a higher ground – all of them with a pea-sized brain.

There was a beautiful article about a couple who could not have a baby. When nothing worked, the guy’s mother stepped in as a surrogate. There were beautiful pictures of all of them together too. Anddd there were a thousand comments to add to the beauty.

“Yuck! That is disgusting. He had sex with his mother???”

“Bullshit! These Westerners will do just about anything to prove that they are shitty.”

“The West where mothers and sons have sex, and mothers carry sons’ babies.”

“Is this what our youth wants to learn from the West?”

These are only some of the gems I can recollect. Of course, when mainstream movies like “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke” (Bhai Oh Bhai!) teach you that in order to be a surrogate mother, you have to have sex with the guy when his wife is in church praying for “success the first time”, this is bound to happen. I couldn’t help admiring the confidence of these people in unleashing their stupidity full on and even convincing people that they were right.

Note to morons – Read up on surrogacy.

Note to self – Stop reading comments maybe?

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