Diamonds are considered the most precious asset anyone, rather any girl can have. I had longed for diamonds as well. I got them a long time ago; but never wore them except once or twice. Now I wonder why I ever wanted them.

Sometimes life is a bit similar to this. We keep on waiting for something very precious all our life. And once we get it, we never bother to give it the attention it deserves.

It can be even worse sometimes. We keep on waiting for the best. And all throughout, the best is right next to us and we do not even recognize that. We all have diamonds in our life, in one form or the other. The closer the diamond is to us, the more we take it for granted and fail to recognize its glitter and beauty. I had an extremely precious diamond as well. I wish I never realized it was a diamond. But I did very recently. And by the time I understood its value, it was gone, leaving a huge void and regret in me. Now all that is left to do is hope that whoever owns the diamond takes good care of it and flaunts it for the entire world to see how lucky anyone is, to have it.