I was listening to the song “Mundhinam Parthein” from the Tamil movie “Vaaranam Aayiram”, yet another Gautham Menon movie that was hailed for its ‘True love at first sight’ bullshit. (In hindsight that seems to be the core theme for all his movies.) Anyway, I have the uncropped version of the song with Suriya’s iconic dialogue to Simran right at the start. According to Simran’s character, the very lines that ‘swept her off her feet’. The dialogue that made guys go “Smooooth!” and girls go “Awwww!” This is what he said:

“Hi Malini, I’m Krishnan. I have to tell you this. You’re so beautiful! This kind of beauty… No, I haven’t seen anything more beautiful. And I’m in love with you.”

If you notice, the only real word in his declaration of love is “beauty”. 3 times in hardly 5 lines, and in that one line was the introduction! I tried making it crisp in my head and it boiled down to “You’re so beautiful and I’m in love with you.” Yeah sure! Just what a woman wants to hear from a suitor – praising not her intelligence, not her sense of humour, not her kindness, not her overall amazing personality – nothing. For this was the first ever time he was talking to this woman he knew nothing whatsoever about and was still in love with – BECAUSE she was beautiful!

And THIS swept her off her feet! Have some shame woman!