I happened to listen to a relative of mine talk about how difficult it was for her to listen to her 85-year-old mother keep repeating the same thing over and over again due to age-associated memory impairment. She kept saying how tired of it she was and how she was stuck, not being able to have fun. Well, I have a 2-year-old daughter who can say the very same word in the very same tone 25 times in 2 minutes. It is difficult replying to that every time, yes. But it is not something I am sick of or I can’t take anymore – because she is my baby.

So the question is this – if your parents listened to you repeat the very same thing a hundred times a day as a baby and never got tired of you, why is it that you are tired of your parents do that at a stage of life where they go back to being more like kids? Because they are not your kids? Because you don’t care enough? I understand it is tiring and you are human. I understand you need to vent out sometimes. You should definitely try to find time for yourself so that you are not bogged down physically and emotionally. All of it is important. But let me tell you this. Never, ever tell someone else that you are sick of taking care of your parents because they are like babies. If they decided they were tired of caring for you when you were pooping around the house or eating their brains, you wouldn’t be here to tell people they are tiring.