If yesterday, Sathyabhama Jr. (just learnt that there was another Kalamandalam Sathyabhama whose name it could be a disgrace to if we address this lady by the same moniker) was a villain who insulted people based on their complexion and appearance, today the narrative is slowly changing. With a prefix, “even if her comments cannot be accepted,” people have started talking about how she is “MASS!!!” for fighting the media unapologetically and courageously, for standing by her words without cowering under the pressure from all sides. Tomorrow that prefix will disappear. And day after tomorrow, she will be a courageous warrior who isn’t scared to shout out her opinion. Courage for what and fighting for what – that will no longer be the focus. This is how villains are turned into heroes, by the very same people who started off on the other side of the discussion.

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