When Alia Bhatt said Prithviraj Chauhan is the President of India so many years back, that was a real blunder. Even so, I have hated the way toxic trolls have reduced her to a dumb, good-for-nothing spoilt star-kid for that. She is a hardworking, talented actress who is good at her job and her IQ and general knowledge should not be the measure of her success because it really doesn’t matter as long as she does justice to what her job is. And honestly, there would be a thousand other things that she knows and we don’t, if we take a break from some stupid rapid-fire round.
For two days now when Sonakshi Sinha is portrayed as a dumb actress and called “Shameless” for giving the wrong answer to the question “Who did Hanuman get Sanjeevani for?”, I was thinking what the hell is wrong with people??? So what if her entire family is named after Ramayana characters?? How does that make it obligatory for her to know everything or even anything about it? And how is knowledge of Ramayana even a measure of her basic general knowledge, if at all people are so eager to be judges?? They aren’t just making fun of her; a lot of them are offended big time and tweeting angrily – “How dare she not know about Hanuman and Sanjeevani?” – as if that is the very base for human existence.
Guys, you really need to get a life and stop attacking celebrities for no reason from behind the comfort of your screens! They have moments of weakness too and the poison you spread could very well be what pushes them off the edge. So if possible, try to unleash the positivity within and do some good for a change. 🙂