Family is the smallest unit of society – this was my first learning of family I guess. I wonder if that is right. Isn’t every individual the smallest unit of society in one way? Only when different individuals come together a society is formed. If we think that way, family is a kind of society in itself. Just like the elaborate society we talk about, family consists of diverse individuals. It is not, it is never, mandatory that all the people in a family, even a so-called nuclear family, think alike. In fact, they seldom do. The unique person that he/she is, every member in a family has his/her own perspective, outlook, attitude and preferences. Sometimes the differences are so huge that one might wonder how the family stays together.

That is the beauty of family, unlike society of a vaster kind. Whatever differences we have, we finally accept and cherish the fact that we are family, we are meant to stay together. It is not necessary that what is right for one person is right for the others as well. But we accept each other for who they are, simply because we are family. It is not a compromise we make. It is instinct. Even when in the spur of a moment in the midst of a heated argument, we make statements like “You are no longer my son” or “I don’t want a sister like this”, we know deep inside we never meant it. We know that we would do anything to hold on to our family and protect them from everything and everyone else, because we are nothing without our family.

You know why I am writing this now? Because I just told my family how much they mean to me. Don’t you think it’s time you took 2 minutes out to do that as well? I’m sure that one line from you will make a difference.

P.S.: Don’t make it cheesy please!