Have you gone through wedding albums filled with amazing photographs of the newlyweds and wondered why the photographer had to screw it all up by adding supposedly sweet, but honestly, cringeworthily saccharine ‘romantic’ lines? Most of them are peppered with grammatical and spelling errors, and loaded with an unpalatable serving of cheesiness, that take away the overall “wow” from the whole thing for no reason. But nothing, absolutely nothing, comes close to this wonderful line that is most certainly the most appropriate thing you can include in a wedding album.

“I have met many men in my life who couldn’t kiss. I have always found the time to teach them.”

I don’t think most people even bother to read all that though. Which probably explains why a bride and groom I know had happily hung up their wedding photos-filled calendar, with this awesome line beside a lovely photo of theirs, for the world to see…. Until, I brought their attention to this, that is. While I laughed my ass off, the poor things who were still recovering from the shock of this discovery were frantically turning pages of their wedding album and anything related to it, looking for more such gems. Just imagining the horror that any conservative relatives of theirs must have felt reading this, while the happy couple smiled on without realizing why they were getting strange looks is enough to make me laugh out, even on a difficult day.

Moral – For a ‘safe’ wedding album, stick to photos, drop the words.

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